Mastering LinkedIn 

The 12-week mentorship programme to increase your influence and make more sales.

Are you ready to grow your audience, turn connections into paying clients, and become known as an expert in your space so your clients come to you?

Learn  how in the


I’ve been asked thousands of times to release the exact LinkedIn strategy that has
enabled my clients to collectively generate over £2 Million in revenue. It’s here.


  • Are struggling with a small network right now and can't seem to find the right people for you, but are flooded with sales people and recruiters wanting to flog you their service.


  • Are in a permanent state of post paralysis, never knowing what to write and winding up rarely (if ever) publishing posts at all.


  • Aren't super clear on your ideal client avatar, so are not sure if your profile  (if even completed) is reaching the right person or not.


  • Feel like you're posting to crickets, because next to no-one (besides your ex-colleagues) engages with your posts.


  • Can't convert clients no matter how hard you try, and are fed up speaking to people who don't want to buy from you.



  • Grow your network quickly without spending a single penny to acquire new connections.


  • Have your Inbox filled with potential clients lining up to give you their credit card information and thanking you for doing what you do.


  • Know how to create content confidently and consistently that people engage in the conversation the very SECOND you post.


  • Cultivate a network of steaming hot leads, excited clients and brand evangelists who share your mission on your behalf.


  • Get completely booked up and sold out of your services, while generating huge interest in yourself and your brand, simply by posting on LinkedIn.



…don't worry - we have a tried and tested process that will help you achieve each and every one of these things, and make growing and monetising LinkedIn a reality.

Did you know that LinkedIn is primarily a Massive Search Engine, and right now people are searching for solutions to their problems, all day, everyday... and that solution could be you!


We help you optimise LinkedIn as a Search Engine so that prospects come across who you are, what you do and how you can help them.


In the past 12 months, LinkedIn has grown at the fastest rate it ever has. If you want to get and stay ahead of the curve, make sure you learn all the tools and techniques now. If you do, you'll never be short of opportunities and possibilities to grow your business.


Let's be real, not many people are finding your Profile at all and when they do will click away pretty quickly. Luckily, with my unique ViTO Methodology, you can ensure the right people come to your Profile, consume all your content and digest it so they can take the next vital step with you.


We know that any time spent on LinkedIn is time well spent, but time is your most precious resource. So, we teach you the 'Walk and Talk' Connection Sequence to grow and expand your network and build relationships with them FAST.


You also get access to our brand new Billboard Technique that turns profile visitors into deliriously raving fans.

This is the dream you’ve been waiting for!


Hi! I'm Jill Chitty, award winning business owner, best selling author and owner-founder of the LinkedIn marketing company LinkedIn Freedom. I have worked with some of the best in business, from solopreneurs to £Billion Groups. What's more, I have re-written some of the top UK CEO's Profiles incognito and it's my best kept secret!



My start on LinkedIn was far from glamorous. I joined after referrals had run dry and drastic action was needed to keep my business afloat.

Knowing nothing about the platform, I set about connecting at speed to anyone and everyone - yes, no strategy, no tactics, all feeling, no thought. I knew it was important to communicate regularly, so I messaged ALL of my network EVERY DAY... and yes, you got it, I was thrown off LinkedIn.


After clawing my way back on in 2011, I knew there had to be an easier way that didn't drain me of my resources; not just my energy but my precious time too.


I moved from failure to expert in the industry when I started to understand how the key elements of LinkedIn worked together and that 'LinkedIn is both a powerful SEARCH ENGINE and CONTENT platform'.


I noticed there was a sequence that worked in getting countless clients to reach out to me. So, after much research, trial and error and finally hitting gold, the Mastering LInkedin mentorship programme was born.


That's when I realised I had a winning and repeatable formula.


My mission is to help ordinary businesses just like yours to create EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS, making generating a consistent flow of leads on LinkedIn second nature.


If this has grabbed your attention... read on.


“I started working with Jill to get back to business after coming to the end of my cancer journey and it completely turned everything around. Within just 2 weeks, after engaging on the LinkedIn feed I won 2 new clients. I can't thank you enough - it was incredible!”​


Life and Business Coach

"We started working with Jill a few years ago when our funnel had dried up because we were so focused on delivery and found ourselves consumed by it. Within weeks we won a contract worth over £11K but total revenue so far from working with her is well over £100,000. WOW! Amazing.”​


Designer at Product Name

“I reached out to Jill as I began to launch my first business. With my initial LinkedIn campaign with Jill,  I generated over 23 leads, and this has continued as I reach out to more people. I now have over 12,000 first contacts and over 2000 people regularly looking at my profile.”​


Just Travel Expert

"Jill Chitty is the real deal. The world has switched from transacting ... to relating. Jill totally gets how that works best on LinkedIn. I can speak personally because Jill helped me. She showed me what works and what doesn't work. And it does work.  I am not on a commission - I just admire smart cuts and advice that has cut-through."


International Coach

"All it took was to write one single post with Jill's guidance and I won a contract now worth in excess of £10K. I wouldn't have done that on my own as I'm a numbers girl and not into words.

Seemed amazingly easy and grateful I took the plunge with Jill!”​




Data Driven Marketing

"Jill and I created a lead generation system together on LinkedIn and it started delivering double figures of sales enquiries DAILY. Enquiries grew up to 25 per day!

My business completely took off, my network grew massively, plus engagement grew on my posts every time I put one out. Can't thank you enough, Jill"


Executive Chauffeur










INTRODUCING...  ML Mentorship

that combines group coaching with 1-2-1 coaching

The 12 week Mentorship programme is for people who want to maximise sales in their business, services and courses, using LinkedIn marketing.


You'll get my eyeballs on your business and you can book up to 3 x 1-2-1 calls with me to discuss any aspects of the training.


Because it's about making more sales from every moment you spend on LinkedIn.


This thing is bursting with everything you need to create a more powerful presence on LinkedIn and drastically increase your sales.


You'll get more Profile views, higher engagement of your content, more conversations, more sales calls booked and you'll stop prospects falling into your competitors' hands.


You'll not only become the stand-out expert in your industry, but you'll make the most sales from your network.


Plus, the community of fellow members are all sharing ideas and geeking out about all things LinkedIn marketing.




Weekly Training 

Every Monday, a new training will land in your portal, where I walk you through each of the key elements to create a powerful presence on LinkedIn and  effective lead-generating strategies-so that you're fully armed to get brand new clients QUICKLY.

Private Facebook Community

This is your place to get support, advice and eyes on your work in an encouraging community, so you feel confident with all your activity on LinkedIn and know you're doing the right things.

Members Portal Area

All your training, templates and worksheets are stored in your personal portal so you can access and watch it at your convenience, anytime.

Weekly Group Coaching Call [Friday  11:00 am - 12:00 pm UK Time]

After implementing your training, you get the opportunity to iron out any questions you may have later in the week, so that you can take massive action each week in embedding these new strategies to generate leads.


Whether you’re brand new to business or established and ready to grow, the ML mentorship will challenge you to execute at your very best. It’s designed to turn your business into a force for good that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose.

Here's what you get in your 12 weeks:

  • ViTO Profile Methodology: Ensuring ideal clients consume all of your Profile and take the next vital step with you

  • LinkedIn Branding & Avatar: How you show up and who you show up for on LinkedIn

  • Your Offer: How you communicate what you sell and create breadcrumbs of value for you prospects to follow

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimisation: Getting you found for what you want to be known for with an 'All Star' profile

  • Implementation Weeks: You'll love these 2 separate weeks to ensure all's completed before moving to the next level

  • Home Page Feed Content: Creating visibility through content and positioning you as the expert

  • The 'Walk and Talk' Connection Sequence: To build relationships and train response

  • Lead List: Creating a targeted lead list and ensuring LinkedIn keeps delivering new leads to you EVERY WEEK

  • Getting Campaign Ready: Building a targeted campaign to take new connection through to paying client

  • Launching Your Campaign: You'll already have new clients by now so now we're focusing and leveraging all you've learned

  • The Billboard Technique:  Turning profile visitors into deliriously qualified fans

Now know it would be stupid to pass up this opportunity of gaining the knowledge, skills and support to grow your influence and win more clients?

What happens when the 12 weeks is completed?


You get 6 weeks FREE membership in the LinkedIn League of Heroes

- Weekly LinkedIn Coaching and Support - 





As you go through these 12 weeks your diary is going to start to get full with client enquiries. In this bonus I show you how I manage my diary in simple, easy steps.

Valued at £127.00




It's often hard to keep coming up with fresh ideas for your content each week, let alone a year. Here I show you how easy it is to create a whole year's worth of ideas in a short space of time.

Valued at £127.00



3 x 1-2-1- COACHING

You personally get my eyeballs on your business throughout this programme. As and when you need it, you can book in time with me and we can focus on improving what you're doing on LinkedIn.

Valued at £225.00

Just imagine...



Spending around 30 mins a day on your LinkedIn marketing and because we've positioned you powerfully and you have the best personalised, up to date strategies you get a consistent flow of leads that really transforms your business.

All of this is possible with Jill's LinkedIn Mentoring.


ML Mentorship Programme                                                                                      £3,800.00


BONUS 1: Diary  Augmentation Training                                                              £197.00


BONUS 2: 365  Days of Worth of Content Training                                             £197.00            


6 weeks of the LinkedIn League Membership                                                       £80.00


3 x 1-2-1 Personal Coaching Sessions                                                                      £225.00


TOTAL                                                                                                     £4,499.00

We know that this programme adds enormous value to every business that goes through its process and the ROI is through the roof, but we want to make it accessible to you, so...

YOU PAY UNDER 60% OF ORIGINAL VALUE                                        £1,750.00 + VAT


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